One day where I smile

He is unhappy in his life,
But he knew everything will be fine and spent days with smile.

His parents think, he is dumb, not ready to face the world, they yelled at him everyday for his every single tiny-tiny mistakes he made, he even got beat-up once for it, not just because he did something also because his dad was having a mental breakdown himself with different matters,But he knew it and never spoke a word in front of them and spent the days smiling.

His siblings, they were never too close to him but even they had a weird idea about him. Just because he laughed and made them laugh they use to think that he is happiest guy ever. They never knew the pain he goes through the day. He enjoyed there company and yet they made plans without him.
But he knew that he will meet them one day and make them laugh and spent days with a smile.

His friend’s were his best part for the rest of the day he knew that anything can turn bad but not them. But as we know life, it is never fair for anyone. So , even they did terrible things to him, which he felt bad.
But he knew they will be back after few days so he smiled and spent days.

He liked a girl in his college, she was his good friend. They shared a lot things, they did phone calls till morning. After 1 year he thought that this is more than friendship so he decided to tell her that.
He thought finally he is getting someone to talk to, someone to share things with, someone to hold hands, someone he can trust and share difficulties with, but ….
She was not expecting it so she refused and told him not to talk to her just because she thought he is a creep.
But he took time to heal from that and after many hurdles he said to himself and fooled his heart “You deserve someone better” and spent the rest of the days with smile.

Every night, he sat in a garden under the pleasant natural beauty of the moon. He looked up in the sky and saw the twinkling of the stars the best scenes of winter nights. He cried, and cried, and cried untill he felt that he is strong enough to handle the hurdles of another day.

Because he knew everything will be fine one day.


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