Two men in a room, both equally opposite,
One with all good thoughts, helping, pleasing, supporting, respected, lover.
Other with all the bad thoughts, killing, depression, maniac, tornado of sadness, morose, madman.
They both always left the room on conditions outside,
If outside felt clemensing then the superior was out,
If it sensed threating and harsh the inferior was out.
They both used to go out and followed exact each others schedule,
Drift around, take a look at the surrounding and met their friend Johnny, who knew them since past 10 years,
They always met at the same place where no one else can see them, just them.
He shared his problems with them and they enlightened him to the strategy of getting off with it.
Obviously they both had a different vision of the world,
So they always provided contrasting solutions.
One day they both came at a same time, wanting to see their friend, the discussion were never pleasing when they collide together,
Seeing his friends fight he was already terrified, like a dog terror-striken on a night of cloudburst with thunderbolts,
He had many problems untill now and didn’t wanted more, so he yelled, he cried out loud,

Stop you two idiots, the only people i like to talk to are engaging in a meaningless fight” he yawped,
Suddenly he heard an unlatching at the doors and the doors of the confinement slammed open like a bolt of thunder,
Shut the hell up” he yelled in annoyance, he sighed and uttered”the doctor is done with the patient you are up next” ,
Looking at the man sitting in the darkest part of the room and walking out the warder murmured “you are getting demented day by day
They are the one’s who are yelling I was helping them“,
Okay, well you are the one who needs help, besides their is no one here other than you
His both friends glanced at him and spoke jointly,
He can’t see us, Johnny boy” he was in panic,
You forgot? We are in your head dumb that’s where we live that’s where you sheltered us” saying this terrified him already, then they laughed untill their tears came.
Shoving his head in his hands he whispered “I am not mad, I am not crazy


Life is beautiful

They decided to celebrate their two year’s of relationship in a restaurant,
He was ready with his surprise, so was she;
Before he could give his present, she gave hers first ,


She said “Sorry” and left,

The waiter came,

“What would you like to order, sir?”

He looked at him and said,

“Chicken Biryani and Tandoori chicken please”

he thought for a secondand said,

“and a Beer too”,

He opened the present that he brought for her which was a box of chocolates, it said,

Farero Rocher

He smiled and whispered,

“Life is beautiful, let’s focus on chicken biryani”.